Moments in a Mirror




Publisher: New York Voices
Year of Publication: 2021
Voicing: SATB w/piano, guitar, bass & drums
Duration: 4:10
Level: IV

As recorded by New York Voices on their 2019 “Reminiscing in Tempo” CD, this is the is a Darmon Meader original, asking the deja vu question, “haven’t we been here before?” This arrangement grooves along in a mixed-meter (or is it mixed-Meader) combination of 7/8 and 6/8, accompanied by vocal percussion. There is room for vocal improvisation over a relatively simple chord progression, and room for your vocal percussionist to step out and solo as well. Note: NYV has also performed this song with hand percussion instruments such as shaker and congas, so feel free to experiment. The PDF download includes: SATB octavo, Vocal Percussion chart and Full Score. This is an exciting option for a more advanced vocal jazz ensemble.

Note: You are allowed to print as many copies of the SATB octavo as needed for your ensemble, and can keep this title in your “virtual library” for future use.  Please do not share this PDF with any other organization.

Sop: G2 – Eb4
Alto: G2 – C4
Tenor: C2 – F3
Bass: F1 – B2