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Happy New Year,

Welcome 2021, thank goodness we’ve turned over a new leaf, a new administration and hope sings on the winter’s wind again.  Vaccines are the key to returning to the life we used to know, masks are our most important accessory and we are staying busy making music to keep our spirits up.   Below are a few videos we’ve been making while in captivity.

We hope you are managing, staying positive and most importantly, staying healthy!

Your Devoted Voices, Lauren, Kim, Peter and Darmon


We’re so excited to finally share a collaboration we did this past summer with a wonderful animator Paul Dressler who captured the spirit and whimsy of this treasured Antonio Carlos Jobim song Surfboard.  Darmon had this kicking around in the NYV idea book for quite some time and we used the new found time at home to reach out to our friends Greg Jasperse and Kevin Fox to bring this tune to fruition.  Nina Ruckhaber connected us with with the artist and we were off to Corcovado!  We hope you enjoy this summertime song as we endure the Winter Weather…..

Enjoy a little Winter Weather inspired by Jo Stafford, Paul Weston and the Skyliners.  Written by Ted Shapiro, Adapted and arranged by Darmon Meader & Peter Eldridge

and in other news……

Check out our latest release, Reminiscing in Tempo.

Threading the ages, New York Voices weaves their vocal arranging and elegant point of view on melody, harmony and shape through composers they admire on their latest outing.  Ellington, Corea, Brubeck, Hersch, Porter, Lennon and McCartney, Lins and Cuba’s Cervantes are the welcoming prisms for them to ring their voices into a fine tapestry of color, sound and light.  Produced while celebrating their 30th year together as an ensemble, they have gathered this collection into what is a curator’s wish list for an evening’s program.  Taking these compositions in their care, they tend to invert, change time signature and reharm, but never so far that the lyric doesn’t sing front and center.  And with intermittent a cappella palate cleansers throughout the sequence, the listener gets to experience the set as the artist envisioned.  Also included in this fine array of compositions are two from the group, allowing just enough room to insert a few originals to complete their “Reminiscing in Tempo.”


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New York Voices Jazz Camp – Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf 2019

New York Voices/Western Michigan University Jazz Camp 2019 – Photo by Anastasia Chubb