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Happy Holidays,

As we head into the winter season, we adjust to our new reality and the spirit of resourcefulness pushes us to create new traditions, simmer a pot roast and tuck ourselves into a good book whenever possible.  Vaccines on the horizon point to hope and returning to a way of life we remember, only forever changed from this experience.  We most profoundly hope you are managing well this new terrain, staying positive and most importantly, staying safe.

In the spirit of resourcefulness, New York Voices is offering a sweet two day workshop and performance opportunity for those of you looking for a gathering, a tweak or two to your work and a group of fun loving people to share a few winter’s days.  On December 18 and 19, we hope to gather enough merry folk to make music together, so don’t hesitate to visit this page for more information on how to play with us.  We look forward to ringing in the season with you.  Click here to learn more and register 

Here’s our first project that we began at the beginning of the pandemic.  We shared it exclusively with our campers this summer and now we’re blowing the doors wide open for all to hear!

Enjoy Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” with special guests Gabriel Hahn on body percussion, Kevin Fox on bass and Kai Kitamura on vocal percussion.


and in other news……

We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in high style, by releasing our new CD, Reminiscing in Tempo, on August 16, 2019.

Threading the ages, New York Voices weaves their vocal arranging and elegant point of view on melody, harmony and shape through composers they admire on their latest outing.  Ellington, Corea, Brubeck, Hersch, Porter, Lennon and McCartney, Lins and Cuba’s Cervantes are the welcoming prisms for them to ring their voices into a fine tapestry of color, sound and light.  Produced while celebrating their 30th year together as an ensemble, they have gathered this collection into what is a curator’s wish list for an evening’s program.  Taking these compositions in their care, they tend to invert, change time signature and reharm, but never so far that the lyric doesn’t sing front and center.  And with intermittent a cappella palate cleansers throughout the sequence, the listener gets to experience the set as the artist envisioned.  Also included in this fine array of compositions are two from the group, allowing just enough room to insert a few originals to complete their “Reminiscing in Tempo.”


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New York Voices Jazz Camp – Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf 2019

New York Voices/Western Michigan University Jazz Camp 2019 – Photo by Anastasia Chubb