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Vocal Jazz Camp

Find your Voice in Vocal Jazz

New York Voices/Western Michigan University Vocal Jazz Camp 

August 1-7, 2021

The 13th annual Western Michigan University – New York Voices Virtual Vocal Jazz Camp is scheduled to be held on August 1-7, 2021 – Home of the amazing Gold Company and Camp Director Greg Jasperse resides!

Aspiring jazz vocalists have a great opportunity to work and sing with the foremost vocal jazz quartet of our time in this six-day music immersion.  In addition to New York Voices,  rounding out the camp faculty are long time friends and colleagues from many of today’s leading institutions of music, Greg Jasperse, Rosana Eckert, and Jay Ashby are often featured.  This unique camp is open to high school and college students, professional musicians, choral directors and anyone interested in improving and developing their knowledge of the vocal jazz genre.  Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader, Peter Eldridge,  Kim Nazarian and the rest of the faculty will work with singers and ensembles in clinics, ensemble classes, one on one coaching and special interest electives pertaining to the art and performance of vocal jazz.  Pre-established groups are welcome and encouraged to attend, as well.


NYV WMU Camp Update 2020

Dear Friends,We hope you are all staying safe. There is an update to our New York Voices/Western Michigan University summer camp due to the Covid-19 virus. Please read the letter below.+++++++++++++++++New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camps 2020JULY 27 – AUGUST 2, 2020Dear NYV Summer Camp Community,In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, we first wanted to express our deepest wishes that you and yours are safe and healthy, and navigating this challenging time as best as you can. We are practicing all the "shelter in place" recommendations and are hoping you are, too! Its the most important rule we could be following right now and is showing results in the mitigation of the further spread of the virus. So use this time to make music at home, get out those old jigsaw puzzles and blow the dust off a good book. We are all counting on one another to get this right and keep the world healthy.We also wanted to communicate some shifting ideas, and try to keep our campfires burning while in this holding pattern! What we know for sure is that Western Michigan University will inform us on May 15th whether our 2020 summer camp will be able to take place on campus. These decisions will be made in tandem with the recommendations from the CDC and leaders on the national level that are making sure we are practicing the most responsible behaviors moving forward to keep all of us safe for the foreseeable future. The first part of their summer programming at WMU has already been scheduled to be completely online. Our camp is in the second half of their summer programming, so we will let you know when there is a final decision.REGISTER FOR FREE by clicking here: to the financial stress Covid-19 has placed on many of us, we have collectively decided to waive the $200 deposit for registration. If you have already registered, AND we are blessed to actually have camp, that money will go toward your fee. If you are interested in signing up for camp, and can afford the deposit, please proceed. If this REGISTER FOR FREE offer helps you during this time, by all means REGISTER. No matter what the process, all final monies will be due by July 1st, if camp miraculously happens this year. The school will return all deposits if we cannot go through with our 2020 camp, so for the campers that have already registered, not to worry.In the spirit of moving forward, it would make our job easier for choosing choirs, picking music, creating classes, and hiring staff if we knew who were interested in joining us this summer. We realize it’s difficult to make any kind of commitment with so many unanswered questions about what might be permissible months from now, but if you are at all able to at least sign up, and tell us you will be coming should the dust clear, this will make it possible for us to prepare.We do have a number of scholarships to offer, so please submit a live youtube clip, letter of recommendation and personal request by May 15th. As we try to absorb this new normal, we have our feet firmly planted in reality, with our hearts, minds and souls longing for the freedom of creativity. Please let us know if you can join us this summer, sooner rather than later; and we will do our best to design a camp that benefits everyone. If we don’t reach capacity, we may be flexible and come up with another plan for our 12th Annual Summer camp. Stay tuned for any revisions.We wish you good health, strong will, safe surroundings, and the power to muscle through this tough time. The light will shine, the summer will come, and we will sing in harmony soon…….Dreaming is FREE!!!New York Voices, Kim, Lauren, Peter, and DarmonAnd Western Michigan University, Greg Jasperse

Posted by New York Voices on Thursday, April 9, 2020


Please stand by for the final plans for the camp, COVID protocols and the exciting plan and schedule we will be outlining.  Last year’s Virtual Vocal Village was a huge hit, we all learned a ton and this summer’s will bound to be as exciting and some!

Sign up for our email database, if you haven’t already, and you will be the first to learn about the plans and when registration opens.  Until then, stay safe and healthy.

New York Voices, Kim, Lauren, Peter, and Darmon
And Western Michigan University, Greg Jasperse