Almost Like Being in Love




Publisher: Shawnee Press
Year of publication: 2014
Voicing: SATB (a cappella)
Duration: 4:00
Level: V

This Lerner & Loewe standard has been in the NYV book for many years. There is a live version on the “New York Voices, Live with the WDR Big Band” CD. This chart is ideally suited for a small group, allowing a bit more independence and spontaneity. However, all parts are fully notated, including the “Eldridge” bass line, so it can work with a larger ensemble. The bass vocalists will get a major workout on this one, as the part are bounces back and forth between bass and baritone roles – walking bass lines, combined with higher ensemble parts with the rest of the group. The lead will probably work best as a solo voice, but can be broken up to feature multiple soloists. There is a bit of scat singing space, and also a bit of vocal percussion. When NYV performs the song, I sing just a bit of VP during the scat solo section, but more VP could be added if you have a dedicated vocal percussionist. A laid back swing feel throughout will give this chart a nice “Basie-esque” flavor.

Sop: G2 – F4
Alto: G2 – Bb3
Tenor: F2 – F#3
Bass: F1 – D3

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