The Sultan Fainted




Publisher: New York Voices
Year of Publication: 1994
Voicing: SSATB with rhythm section
Duration: 6:00
Level: V

As recorded by New York Voices (“What’s Inside” – 1993, GRP), this Meader/Eldridge original features a female lead with lots of exciting interplay with the ensemble. It also features either EWI or Tenor Sax. As with most of the NYV repertoire, this is a pretty challenging arrangement, incorporating lots of close harmony and intricate rhythmic figures. This arrangement requires a really strong rhythm section, and very dedicated vocal ensemble.

Note: This arrangement is also available through UNC JazzPress. However, the NYV Music version is notated a bit more clearly.

Sop: A2 – E5
Alto: E2 – E4
Tenor: A1 – B3
Bass: A1 – G3