Now That the Love is Over




Publisher: New York Voices
Year of Publication: 1993
Voicing: SATB with rhythm section
Duration: 4:30
Level: IV

As recorded by New York Voices (“Hearts of Fire” – 1991, GRP), this is an old NYV jazz/pop favorite . . . This is an NYV original composition, with female lead. The vocal parts aren’t too hard, but you need a really mature rhythm section to capture the right vibe on this one.

Note: This arrangement is also available through UNC JazzPress. However, the NYV Music version is notated a bit more clearly. Also, the NYV recording is in Eb minor, but we include two versions – Eb minor and E minor. Trust us, the band will want to play it in E minor!

Sop: Gb2 – Gb4
Alto: Gb2 – Db4
Tenor: Db2 – Bb3
Bass: Db2 – Gb3