What people are saying about New York Voices and their 25th Anniversary . . .      ||      Since the early days of my music career, I've always been a lover of classic cars and American vocal groups. So having the privilege of performing with the marvelous New York Voices, is like cruising down the Hudson river shore in a torch red 1957 Cadillac convertible. Happy Anniversary and long life to "The Voices!” - Paquito D'Rivera, Saxophonist and Clarinetist      ||      The Manhattan Transfer extends our most effusive congratulations and singerly love to our buddies and colleagues The New York Voices on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary. Thanks for keeping our vocal traditions alive and well, but also for breaking new ground and for being just a hell of a lot of fun. We love you guys! - Janis, Cheryl, Tim and Alan, The Manhattan Transfer      ||      My NEW YORK VOICES friends never fail to thrill and inspire me with their world-class musicianship and the deep beauty of their performances. I worship at their shrines, both collectively and individually! Happy anniversary, NYV, and long may you swing. - Rob Mounsey, Composer, Arranger      ||      The New York Voices offer all the choices that I love. It is always a pleasure to work with or listen to them. Congratulations! - Jimmy Heath, Saxophonist      ||      They don’t sound like a barbershop quartet, but I hear they are very popular in beauty salons. So if they come to your town, maybe you can catch a set. What could it hurt? MUCH LOVE AND ADMIRATION - Don Sebesky, Arranger      ||      I’m going to find 25 adjectives that I truly feel match these guys. Musicality, friendship, ability, swing, generosity, precision, versatility, wisdom, gentleness, discipline, high tuning, joyfulness, responsibility, dynamic, attitude, modernity, respect, education, good vibes, good taste, honesty, coherence, be talented, humbleness, be known as the NEW YORK VOICES! GO NYV! CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE YOU ALL! - Ivan Lins, Composer, Singer      ||      They are at the top of their game. I look forward to the 50th Anniversary!! Love and Kisses, Michael Abene, Arranger      ||      25 years old, and still the hippest group around! Congrats to you, New York Voices...you are great individual artists, a stunning ensemble, and wonderful folks as well. Looking forward to much more great music-making together. Yours...Keith Lockhart (Conductor, The Boston Pops)     ||     



Welcome to the official website for the internationally acclaimed jazz vocal group New York Voices!

We would like to take this space to remember our dear departed mentor Dave Riley (Dec. 9, 1931 – Feb. 23, 2015)


Dave was the vocal jazz director at Ithaca College during the time Darmon, Peter, Kim and Caprice were attending.  He gathered an all-star alumni group to tour the European festivals during the summer of 1986 and the seed was planted.  He later invited the newly polished quintet to join him in concert at Town Hall in NYC on February 2, 1988, thus establishing the group’s break out performance and the date they consider to be the birth of the professional group, New York Voices.  It should also be noted, that Dave gave them their name that fateful summer, and it stuck when their first record deal was inked.

We were blessed to have him attend our many concerts over the years, most notably our 25th Anniversary concert at the Jazz Standard in 2013 and later that year, our New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camp where we surprised him with the whole camp singing one of his vocal arrangements to him.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

Dave, you will always be the color note in our chord.  We miss you and we love you.

Kim, Peter, Darmon and Lauren

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