Orange Colored Sky RHYTHM SECTION parts




Publisher: Edition Ferrimontana
Year of Publication: 2017
Duration: 4:00

IMPORTANT: This is ONLY the rhythm section parts. To purchase vocal parts for this arrangement, please CLICK HERE.

As recorded by New York Voices (“Sing! Sing! Sing” – 2001, Concord), this jazz standard is arranged in classic close harmony style. The arrangement is a tribute to the Nat King Cole version, recorded in 1950. As with most of the NYV repertoire, this is a pretty challenging arrangement, incorporating close harmony, but with a tempo and feel that makes this chart reasonably accessible by many vocal groups. The big band chart has been altered a bit from the NYV recording, with the range of the trumpets lowered a bit. It’s still a serious blow for the trumpets, but no longer require high G’s!